But, don’t make it worse through panic. Yes, it is a problem. However, your mom was right when she said patience is a virtue. Do not call the first guy that says he can come and do it. You should call around and get at LEAST 3 quotes. Find out the total cost and how quickly they can come. Chances are, if you can wait, you will get a better price.

Sometimes it is cheaper to go straight to the car dealership and get a key. But, if you have a chip key, that is generally not the case. Most of the time these require your car to be present at the dealership for programming. But, sometimes that can also be a pretty hefty tow bill.

That’s the importance of getting 3 quotes, at least 1 being a dealer and 1 being a locksmith.

The final piece of advice. If the dealer says its gonna be $125, and one locksmith says $145 and another locksmith says “between $100 and $200, don’t jump at the $100. He didn’t say it was $100, only that it could be. But, if you were to poll his former customers, how often do you think it was $100?